Sunday, 20 March 2011


With one Thanet blogster claiming he is gagged behind his seven veils of Purdah and others too busy throwing their toys out of the pram, to write about it. It must mean that the dark clouds of an election are looming. Pre-election blues have set in, when councillors feel un-loved and need to prove to their electors that they have only the elector’s interests at heart. 

One interesting discussion on Big News Margate revolved around whether this quiet period was just the lull before the storm or orchestrated to give the voter a false sense of security. Everything is rosy in TDC-land and don’t say anything which may rock the pram, otherwise ALL the toys may fall out.

Purdah has successfully been defined on Thanet Life as OFFICIAL statements about council policy, so there is no good reason why all the candidates in the forthcoming election should not be completely open about their own and their party’s policies. So feel free to ask awkward questions from all the politicians – IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU

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