Friday, 18 March 2011

“BATTman returns”

 The BATTmobile was spotted in Ramsgate today, and boy, does the town need saving from the scourge of party politics. The unscrupulous dealings of the comedy Cons is only outdone by the suicidal in-fighting of the rose tinted lefties. 
FRANK BATT is just one of many INDEPENDENTS standing as candidates in the forthcoming local elections.  He is a prospective INDEPENDENT candidate for Ramsgate Central Harbour Ward, where he lives and he is standing for both Ramsgate Town Council and Thanet District Council. His election pledge is to work on behalf of the people of Ramsgate and Thanet, not for any party whip.

There will be sufficient independents standing all over Thanet to drive a wedge between the two main political parties in Thanet and put a stop to the posturing, bickering and rhetoric which wastes so much time and money at council meetings. With sufficient support for the INDEPENDENTS, the vested interests of party politics can be thwarted and a community based governance be re-established for Thanet.

Vote for FRANK BATT and vote for THANET, not party politics in the forthcoming elections. I will be highlighting many more INDEPENDENT candidates in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

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