Saturday, 12 March 2011

“Its good news week”

                                                        London Array HQ under construction

I was greatly heartened to read in the Thanet Extra that Ramsgate Week, our local international sailing regatta will be sponsored by London Array this summer. It is good that a newly formed local company with a social responsibility is helping to progress a local event for the good of the town.

In austere times and with severe local government cuts, greater reliance on the goodwill of private companies and local volunteers will be necessary for the social events of the town to function at least at their present level and hopefully progress by the greater enlightenment of benefits derived from supporting such initiatives. Ramsgate can then move forward into a new era of greater self reliance.

I was also pleased to see another new initiative from a consortium of volunteer groups in Thanet called “JOINED UP COMMUNITY COMMUNICATION” which is endeavouring to promote a dialogue between the scores of interest groups and residents associations spread across Thanet, in order to provide a more effective voice in matters of local concern. Good luck with this project, I have been saying for some time that “working together” is the way forward for Ramsgate and fragmentation of effort only serves duplication and despair.

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