Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia.

Having read that the transformation of “Matthew” into the “Dawn Treader”, was taking place today in the harbour, we wanted to see what was involved in the work. Large amounts of plastic and a purple ”Narnia” sail had been fitted when we arrived and the ship was beginning to look suitable for its forthcoming entrance into London.

Also to be seen in the Royal Harbour was a fishing vessel on the quay having its bottom painted, together with one of the pilot boats suffering a similar fate just adjacent to it, the fishing vessel was surprisingly large when beached, mainly because of its deep draft.

On the other side of the inner harbour, concrete pontoons, finished earlier in the week were hardening. These pontoons are apparently for the London Array. My wife was most impressed that concrete could be made to float, the pontoons certainly looked substantial and heavy.

Having wandered around the Royal Harbour for about half an hour, it struck me that it is quite a magical place, like Narnia. These were not exhibitions put on for our benefit or for any tourists but REAL work being carried out in a REAL harbour. One day soon we may be thankful for TDC’s neglect of the harbour, at least it hasn’t been turned into a yuppie bankers’ paradise where bloated bonuses are spent on overpriced penthouses because the water casts rippling sunlight on the ceiling.

With continued protection this working harbour could become more unique than any yuppie playground.

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