Monday, 14 March 2011


On a recent occasion when I addressed a Thanet District Council Cabinet meeting about Asset Disposal consultation procedure, I made the point that if you consult the public on any subject, the completion of the process is to LISTEN to the feedback. A number of conservative councillors picked up on this comment and for some weeks afterwards the words “we are listening” were heard frequently.

 I recently observed that on Thanet Life blog this message is definitely not getting through, despite commentators repeating the same message that TDC website is failing to provide decent information on current events. Cllr Simon Moores who controls the blog seems to have 1001 ways to say the council has no money but consistently fails to “LISTEN” to what the commentators are saying, which is “Do it well or don’t do it at all”. This has very little to do with available finance.

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  1. Ken
    The thing about the Great Communicator is that when you back him into a corner he either resorts to personal insults and put-downs or changes the subject. It's communication on his terms or not at all.
    A quick analysis of the comments on ThanetLife seem to show a decidedly downward trend since he traded blows with Michael and had his multi-tasking problem with the whale. I for one can no longer be bothered with him - it's a bit like fighting a jelly