Thursday, 10 March 2011

Backin a jif.

'ave poot’on comm’mod’ wile U’m off’ze comp’pad, ‘ack-sawd thro’ze bleepin’ bracelit and shotoff t’ Benny-dorm. Actchlee U’ma space tourist, so Fannit “U’m watchin’yoo”.

Google says they wan’ Ads onme blog, didn’t reckon they ‘spected meup ‘ere wiv’ze ol’ Poler-rude.  Nice vooo tho’, rightin yoor bakyard, “weeds” doin’ fine‘ey. . Nice poool!  Does yoor missus a’ways sun-bathe like that? – LIKE THAT!

Maydo a post oretoo wile U’m up ‘ere, if’ze Ipad spotsa Sputnik orethree. Till then keepon blaggin’ initt.

I’m back now   Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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