Monday, 23 December 2013

“To boldly go where no truck has gone before”

Ramsgate’s “Secret Weapon” Unveiled!
The latest edition of TUNNEL TIMES not only wishes everyone a Merry Christmas but also promises a very exciting New Year.  The “secret weapon” in the form of an EPCV (Electric Pedestrian Controlled Vehicle) will boldly go where no vehicle has gone before, into the depths of the Ramsgate Tunnels system. Routing out dilapidations and fixing them, on its missions deep into this space, blazing a trail which many will follow in the future “Ramsgate Tunnels Explorer”.
Work starts early in the New Year to clear the tunnels and make them safe for explorers. This will be followed by improvements to access and escape routes together with essential services installations and finally some historical exhibits. There will be opportunities for volunteers to train as guides, taking groups into the far reaches of the tunnels, trips are scheduled to commence in June 2014, subject to all permissions and funding being approved.