Saturday, 3 December 2011



The Promenade Shelters Appeal Charity Shop at 52 Queen Street, Ramsgate, looks set to stay open for another week. The shop was set up last week by Nelson Crescent and Prospect Terrace Residents Association to aid the Ramsgate Society Shelters Appeal and has so far raised nearly £2000. 

 Agreement has been reached for the shop to stay open for a further week until 10th December. We need more items to sell and volunteers to help within the shop for two hour periods. The shop is open 10 to 4 each day except Sunday 10-2. Any support would be most welcome  and thanks to Pearson Gore, Estate Agents for the loan of the shop.


  1. And a big well done to all concerned.

  2. Thanks Don, I will pass your congratulations onto those responsible.