Saturday, 26 November 2011

BACKDOOR planning.

Getting “the cart before the horse” is becoming an art for Thanet planning policy.

Planning application  F/TH/08/0400                         APPROVED
Industrial development at Manston Business park (China Gateway)  

Planning application OL/TH/11/0910                       BEING CONSIDERED
Land at Haine Road (Eurokent)                       
New application  for change from Industrial to Residential

Planning Application  F/TH/11/0874                       BEING CONSIDERED
Ramsgate Slipways Redevelopment

Ramsgate Port Master-plan                                       DELAYED

Night Flights Consultation                             REPORTED AS IMMINENT

Core Strategy Consultation                                       DELAYED
Approval of Local Development Framework and Airport Expansion

If you are wondering how this list of various planning events affects you, well when finally Thanet District Council get around to approving their Core Strategy Local Development Framework all the major planning decisions will have already been taken

Eurokent can safely be given residential approval now there is industrial space at China Gateway although no go ahead has been agreed by Core Strategy agreement

Leisure development may be let into Ramsgate Harbour before details of the Master plan are available.

Night flight expansion may be approved before the airport expansion itself is approved by the Core Strategy.


  1. Now if you were impartial and not in the pocket of any "interested parties" would you not feel that this is wholly corrupt and illegal?
    Why do the population of Thanet put up with this

  2. What can the population of Thanet do about it?

    Answers on a postcard please!

  3. Ken it must have been 20 years ago Thanet Business Park was granted status as????A BUSINESS PARK Wiggins went bust and various others had a go out there but the land and its status have remained the same. The eurokent debarkle is corrupt in my mind and deserves a full public enquiry but this is Thanet and we have an odd way of dealing with these things. As for night flights just because a report is imminent it dont mean it is a shoe in so I think that is you being mischevious asfor the other items being considered they aint been passed.

  4. Exactly Don, They "aint" passed and should not be passed in advance of a clear statement on overall planning policy.

    The Core Strategy has to be monitored by an Inspector for the DOE, if all these schemes are approved in advance, there will be nothing to monitor. As you say "Thanet... has an odd way of dealing with these things", other councils would call it "mal-administration".