Sunday, 18 December 2011


A new Ramsgate swimming pool in the High Street has now been APPROVED

The Localism Bill has become law and is now THE LOCALISM ACT.

The Sandwich Enterprise Zone includes money for UPGRADING the Ramsgate Line

There is no money  allocated for building PARWAY STATION..

So NOW is the time for highspeedRAMSGATE

There are many problems which need resolving in St Lawrence and Manston. The airport needs a good rail connection if it is to survive at all, St Lawrence needs traffic management improvements, Our Grade II listed Ramsgate railway station needs a secure future, Warre Recreation Ground requires protection for the future and a solution needs to be found for the improvement of the existing swimming pool. to maintain a good level facilities in and around Newington.

With the new Localism Act it will be possible for local communities to take charge of their own planning requirements and make suggestions for revitalising an area. Here is a suggestion (click on picture to enlarge) which could address many of the communication issues surrounding the airport and the railway. This could also provide a funding opportunity for improvements to Warre Recreation Ground.    Any comments?


  1. Can't see the residents of Station Approach Road being too happy about a Multi-storey car park right outside their front doors. Nice design though, echoing that of the station facade.

  2. is the swimming pool moving to the high street in ramsgate?

  3. PJ, I take your point but would it not be better than a derelict station and a housing estate on Warre Rec.

    Anon 18.32 A new swimming pool was approved this week adjacent to the sports centre in the High Street, but the pool will only be 25 metres in length, so it is not a complete replacement.

  4. I feel sure this was bandied about years ago when I lived in Ramsgate about time it was built that was near thirty years since

  5. Be nice to have a Parkway Station too maybe if I send Sant a list..................

  6. Don, thanks for your bit of history, I did not know that.

    As far as having Parkway as well, this will mean the death of Ramsgate Station, as the main increase to journey times is stopping at stations. If the HS1 stops at Parkway it will not stop at Ramsgate.