Friday, 28 January 2011

You couldn’t make it up, could you?

The comedy Cons are completely on the wrong track flogging the latest dead horse in their comedy of errors, funny they didn’t put their overdraft where their mouth is and financially back the scheme. Whilst the other lot, WELL what do I say “pistols at dawn” for a “dool” or perhaps they should have a real Hart to Hart. Is this what we deserve to run our psy-idyllic isle? They spend more time squabbling amongst themselves or with the other lot, than they do looking after our patch. Then they take home our hard earned cash.

Don’t we have a right to expect better of them, not just in the run up to an election but throughout the whole term of their “employment” by us. One thing is for certain, one lot is off the rails and the other’s less of a party and more of a mob. Would you trust your X to any of them? I won’t There is a real alternative vote INDEPENDENT. Just ask Frank.

Good humorous weekend DVD viewing (BBC iplayer) “Le diner de Cons” roughly translates to “The dinner of Idiots”. Spot the connection?

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