Thursday, 27 January 2011


Really GONE and sadly p**sed.

Some say he’s perfecting parachute-less freefall sky diving, King George VI couldn’t say it at all. Others say he’s eloped with Lucy Mail, twin sis of superstar muppet Miss Piggy. If so the frying squad’ll be on his tail trying to save their bacon before he spreads his porkies worldwide. Lucy’s definitely out of her pen and gone AWOL aussi.

 The Frying Doctor reckons he’s been given concrete boots and he’s holding up a post on the E K strip, he should know he’s got inside info. Still a flylo with the old Sopwith Camel should spot the hump, as long as he doesn’t get his flaps stuck on a bridge.

Me thinks ECR could not hack the fannit climes and scurried back to the plush of his Metro penthouse pad, leaving his millionaire mansion to Rack and Ruin. I’m sure they’ll  fix it up just fine with a good mix of bedsits and one-bedders to rent on DSS.

Anyway, ECR if you’ve got Virgin Mega on your Med gin palace and you‘re still listening into the fannit blogs, we hope you’re not missing us, we’re not missing you, NOT, init.


  1. Given the other goings on today seems a strange sort of post

  2. It doesn't always pay to be a lemming.

    I'm sitting back with my favourite tipple enjoying the furore. I will give my opinion later.