Sunday, 23 January 2011

Open for business - Closed to tourists

With the 2011 tourist season almost in sight, it is interesting to see the frantic preparations to get Ramsgate ready for the onslaught of visitors to Thanet (read Margate) triggered by the opening of the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery in Thanet (read Margate).

  The Ramsgate signage is all in place to direct hoards of uninformed visitors to the Ramsgate Visitor Information Centre where they can get acquainted with all the details of the latest attractions in Thanet (read Margate).  Just as well Thanet has an award winning Visitor Information Centre, oh but that’s in errrr Margate. Even the alfresco waiting area is empty in Ramsgate and the only hoards to be found are hoardings. Is this what we pay our council tax for, could not £17+ million have lifted the whole of Thanet as a tourist destination.

Strangely enough the real council slogan “open for business” has an ironic twist with TDC providing little or no support to business in Ramsgate. There are more shops thriving in Ramsgate than there are in Margate, without the council’s help. If they give help similar to that given to the Community Pharmacy Gallery in Margate then perhaps Ramsgate is better without it.

Just a quick reminder about a news flash, some six weeks before last Christmas, was it £40,000 ? to be shared around the old towns to spruce up empty shops. How many empty shops have been given a facelift in Ramsgate (Answers on a postcard please to Cecil St, Margate) What this current administration fails to realise is that “Margate needs Thanet” more than “Thanet needs Margate”.

It seems that the only type of council business conducted on the south of the Isle is employment for the “boys with the black stuff”.

Watch this space for future editions of “Tarmac Thanet News”


  1. Margate in my opinion is due, every bit of help it has been given.

    Ramsgate is lucky to have a busy port and fantastic harbour, and remarkable what appears to be a viable shopping area.

    Broadstairs again is busy as a result of its main bay and the smug affluence of many of its residents.

    Currently Margate is down the toilet, at its centre are the hideous council offices, derelict Dreamland, Margate needs help.

  2. Tony, I totally agreed with your sentiments about Margate but the rest of Thanet should not be forgotten for exactly the reasons you identify.

    There are some busy parts of Thanet which if allowed to decay will need fixing similarly to Margate.

    Better to build a strong economy throughout the Isle. One town alone will no longer attract visitors, but an interesting region will.

  3. Tony as usual demonstrates the chip on his shoulder.
    What viable shopping area? Clearly you've not been to this side of the Island for a while.
    I too am not Fannit born and bred. I've lived here for 22 years and it has seemed to me that the north coast has always been favoured.