Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"Independents” my foot.

The defection of another local politician to the Thanet Opportunists Party is a sad reflection on the state of our local government. We now have one former Labour councillor, one former Conservative councillor and one former Independent/Conservative councillor making up the new Thanet Opportunists Party., in a blatant attempt to hold the Reds and the Blues to ransom for increased allowances (sorry I meant responsibilities)

We will now be able to see the real politicians in Thanet and those just there for the money and glory. It is incumbent upon our more experienced local councillors to sideline these money grabbing morons. How difficult can it be for the big two to work together and oust these self serving undesirable elements from the decision making process.

Surely a motion to prevent any councillor who has changed allegiance, without seeking re-election, to be granted greater responsibilities in the current session, would put paid to their empire building and be more use to Thanet than a vote on gay marriage. Or is that just too simple, any ideas?


  1. Quite clearly at all levels, any politician who changes allegiance away from the party under whose banner they were elected should be required by law to resign their seat. The present system is a betrayal of the electorate.

    Agree entirely that the two main parties should work together to sideline these chancers, led in this case by a political extremist, but whether it will happen remains to be seen.

    Personal ego is a strong factor with the present leader and whether he will be man enough to share power is the big question. That he should is beyond question for not only is he a minority party leader, but his party also had a substantially smaller share of the vote than the main opposition. That would seem to indicate the electorate gave no one party a clear mandate and that cooperation is demanded.

    There are good and experienced councillors, if one ignores a few party political dinosaurs, within TDC and they, if necessary, should form an alliance, even if that means excluding some of their own party colleagues, to govern in these circumstances. The needs of the people of Thanet demand good sense now from their representatives to minimize the damage this insidious trio can inflict.

    As a Conservative I can see the temptation to sit back and watch the mess that will ensue if a minority leader clings on having his strings manipulated by these opportunists, but that is not in the best interest of Thanet. Now is the time for responsible and reasonable people to act accordingly.

  2. Surely you elect the person, not the party....

  3. If only that were true, Anon. However, be that as it may, you still elect on the policies the candidate claims to support and, if they are elected on one set of policies or manifesto and then change, surely their election can no longer be justified.

    Mind you, I think the main topic here is how the council extricate themselves from a position where a minority group of renegades call the tune. That is hardly democracy.

  4. It's probably off topic but I find things are getting fairly skewed here in Thanet and have to say quite over the top, minorities are taking over the asylum.

    Perhaps the most worrying aspect, is quick quick escalation on blogs from good/bad humour to those screaming hysterically.

    What was once "handbags at dawn" is now in a sinister development elevated out of all sense of proportion into "Hate Crime".

    As someone who believes in equality and free speech and unwilling to monitor every comment, I felt it necessary to offer my mobile phone number to Ian Driver since he has been quite excited by crass jokes/comments on my blog by my readers, since I work shifts work long hours I often dont get the time to read through comments, but so he in particular cannot continue to accuse me of "allowing" homophobia etc I thought it prudent to do as much as is reasonable, and it is an offer I give to anyone who wishes to contact me at Although I apologised for offensive comments made not by me, but others, who for all I know might actually have been agent provocateur's working for enemies of freedom, my apology was not enough.

    Still I understand that the local Stazi have been informed! about Thanets bloggers! You Have been warned, and really that is not a joke the days of free speech are over!

  5. In the my last comment I should have mentioned that I gave Ian Driver my mobile no. to alert me to anything untoward.

  6. Tom, As a district councillor I agree!

    1. Let us hope a majority of your colleagues of all parties do as well.