Sunday, 22 April 2012


“They are coming home”. The main phase of the shelters restoration is now well under way and Thursday of last week saw the return of a refurbished frame for the second of the three shelters East of the Granville Theatre.  
Other renovated frames will be following in the very near future. Work is happening on all the shelters, with only the two on the Paragon awaiting highway restriction agreements before they can be removed for a similar treatment.

The large shelter on Government Acre will be officially opened for public use on Friday 27th April at 1pm. A mystery guest will be cutting the ribbon and declaring it open for use once again. Any guesses who he or she is? 
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  1. Replies
    1. Hardly.
      It's a shelter, not a cottage.

    2. Iris Johnson?

    3. Too obvious they would be the first names to appear but no - not a local politician.

  2. Great news of course, but any chance of something being done with Winterstoke Gardens?

  3. Some nice refurbed benches at Winterstoke, courtesy of TDC.

    The best way forward with any disused listed structure is to find a suitable use for it. Winterstoke Gardens is a great place which needs TLC and a reason for existence, I mean no dis-respect to Dame Janet in that remark, but at the moment it only encourages "hanging around" and the inevitable graffiti and vandalism.

    PS Sorry not Vera