Friday, 1 April 2011


Just as well I published my April Fool’s post this morning, it might be the only advertisement the poor old Turner Contemporary gets, even if it was by implication.

I have to thank Don at Promote Thanet for highlighting this, but with only two weeks to go to the grandest opening in Thanet for many, many, many years, there is no substantial mention of it on either TDC website or Visit Thanet.

Is it, they have no interest, financial or otherwise in the project? Is it, that their IT department is crap NO non-existent? Or is it, they just don’t care? No doubt we will be told by the usual semi-official  blog sources that the services are “farmed-out” and they have no control over what is published. How many businesses get sub-contractors to do specialist work for them, it is not rocket science, but a sub-contractor is expected to carry out the work efficiently and in accordance with agreed requirements. Get your act together TDC and publish the opening, even I can manage it in my spare time.

In case anyone out there does not know what I am talking about

 ( remember you heard it here first (well not quite))


  1. Ken

    Do you lie awake at night making this stuff up? Turner have their own budget and its an international event.

    We already know about it here in Thanet and there's huge anticipation and a generous arts council budget surrounding it. So visit

    and let the council get on with what it's supposed to do, which is actually providing some 600 or so services for local people.

  2. I see, so the council not mentioning the Turner Opening is deliberate, there was me thinking it was some sort of April Fools thing.

    Perhaps what with one thing and another the Turner surpasses us and we shall have to re designate April 16th April Idiots Day.

  3. Simon, No point in lying awake at night - you couldn't make this up.!

    TDC have been hanging their regeneration of Margate, or should I say Thanet, on the Turner Contemporary since it was first invented.

    So even if the main event is "international" and needs no "local" publicity where is all the backup publicity to promote the wider regeneration issues and justify the £100,000's spent on tarting up Margate.

  4. Ken well said on all acounts, and Simon please addmit it your IT department are crap and your attitude stinks. I am sorry but visit Thanet has TDC address and phone number all over it and perports itself in my mind as a TDC creation. If you dont want to do it properly remove your name from it as at the moment it is BAD. tHE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE LOOKING AT THIS EVENT AND oops the council cant be bothered to hilite it on its own in house website and when I typed in turner contemorary on TDC'S search I found an article dating I think to August last year. To me this spells complacency at least and at worst a cavalier attitude of contempt. I cannont be the only person who has these feelings and you wonder why people dislike TDC.

  5. Simon

    Do you lie awake at night making up excuses?

  6. Don, I noted your last post,where you actually found mention of Turner C on the TDC website. Well Done.

    Simon, this comment on the TDC website is interesting:

    "...the opening of Turner Contemporary will give Margate a unique opportunity, with the focus of the world’s media on the town."

    but you feel it is not necessary to grasp that opportunity, 15 minutes of fame maybe all the town gets.

  7. You really couldn't make it up in Thanet! For seemingly ages we have suffered endless posts and comments on blogs, letters and articles in papers and even protest groups condemning the Turner. Now suddenly that it is here some of those voices of protest are attacking the council for not advertising it.

    What is it with you folk? Do you suffer withdrawal symptons if you have nothing to moan about? I think you actually deserve a council run by Clive Hart and cronies but I won't wish it on you because I live here as well.

  8. Bluenote when have you heard or read me condemning the Turner. What I am doing is objecting to the way the council runs its website. Type in Thanet in any search engine and TDC'S site comes up invariably first and anyone looking for news of the biggest event in Thanet will start search there. No Mentiion of the Turner Centre so try Visit Thanet and click on its home page and it has no mention there. TDC tell us it wants regeneration but it cant be bothered to mention the biggest thing in Thanet aimed at regeneration. To me that is stupid as for Simon going on about it is down to cost if that will save the 1.8 millon he keeps banging on about Visit Thanet and TDC'S websites are even less value than we all thought.
    Simon says let the council geton with providing the 600 service it is responsible for. One of those is supervising the Two websites I have mentioned and in my eyes TDC are not showing the turner centre in a good light if the cant be bothered to put it on there sites.

  9. That Blue rinse must be affecting your brain Bluenote, I have always supported the Turner with reservations but I respect the view those who do not.

    The issue at hand is, like it or not, the Conservative administration in Kent and Thanet have engineered the Turner project as the saviour of Thanet. Now that same administration is failing miserably to bring this rather important opening to the attention of the world.

    Obviously you and your other similarly tinted friends prefer to keep the masses in poverty, myself, I would prefer the whole of Thanet to thrive as a tourist destination, but that will require some advertisement,over and above what is provided by TC

  10. Don't have a problem with your gripe in principle, Don, but we are into the run in for local elections now and all the sniping at a Conservative led TDC must be beneficial to Labour. If that is what you want running Thanet, then you just carry on doing their canvassing for them.

    Michael is a different matter for his, for all the claims to be even handed and serving the council tax payers, is politically motivated. Somehow I thought better of you.

  11. Ha ha ha..I love it.

    Bluenote you really have got your wires crossed.

    You are commenting on Inthanet a blog openly promoting an INDEPENDENT Thanet. No party politics here.

  12. How sweetly naive, Readit, to suggest you could have an independent blog in Thanet. You may well be independent, but your commentators, in the main, most certainly are not.

    As an intended candidate yourself, you are going to have to have views on politically contentious subjects. Labour have hitched their star to opposing Manston airport expansion to cast their net for the mainly Ramsgate based anti vote. What is your view?

    How did you feel about the plan for social housing in Margate, also opposed by Labour? How do you view the new community centre in Broadstairs, vehemently opposed by the tree huggers of the Thanet Action Group?

    For the record I would love to return to the days of no political party labels in local governance, but it would still be political how ever hard we try.

  13. Never been called "sweetly naive" before but there is a first time for everything "sweetie".

    I am afraid you will have to wait until next week to read my views on a better Thanet,and you may find to your cost how naive I am not

    If you really mean what you said in your last sentence Bluenote, vote INDEPENDENT and make it happen.

  14. Bluenote if you think my pointing out TDC's website failings plays into the hands of Labour then so be it all I want is a thriving Thanet and Simon seeems to have a dismisive attitude that this doesnt matter and the websites have no duty to list the opening of the turner because the Turners own website has already done that. Well if that is the case we only need one newspaper and one TV channel and neither will mention the Turner opening because I have mentioned it on my blog.

  15. Nice one, Don! Mr. Spock would be impressed with the logic of your thinking.

    For the record I do agree that the TDC website should be trumpetting the opening of the Turner but can't on the issue of so be it if it helps Labour. Do you really think a party that cannot even sort out its own petty internal arguments could possible help create a thriving Thanet?

  16. Bluenote I dont want Labour in but when the Conservative run local council cant promote anything properly one has to ask are they up to the job? After Simons indifferrence over this issue I am not sure. I know the council serves us well and does well on the 600 plus services it provides but the main website not to have any mention and the Visit Thanet IS in my mind below par and it is emblazoned with TDC logo's and address and phone plus this Email: it looks pretty close to TDC and if it wants to distance itself fron Visit Thanets website which seems to be Simons argument the dont seen to be making a very good job of it. Can I ask you do we have a thriving Thanet under the current administration?

  17. Don, possibly not but I do feel it is headed in the right direction. The alternative would be a retrograde step back into the dark (no pun intended) ages.

    Simon is no idiot and he does try to explain the workings of the council. More than most people do and it is by lobbying people like him that improvements can be made.

  18. I agree with you but over this current issue Simon seems to have closed quarters. I cant see the problem advertising the opening on TDC'S main website. The visit Thanet site is a hard to use and uninformative site but seeing as we (that is the royal we) are paying for it perhaps it bears a closer inspection. But from Simons recent comments I cant see anything changing. To me it seems the councils main website is not singing the good news of the Turner. Iwould have thoughht they would be crowing as loud as possible, but I am wrong.

  19. methinks Adolph Bluenote doth protest too much

  20. Remember, this is what Simon really thinks of the Anthea Turner Centre.
    "In the meantime, Margate, has I'm told won its funding to open the new, muli-million Turner Centre on the harbour, the one with no Turner paintings at all. My hairdresser commented that the money would be better spent opening a "Chav" centre, a celebration of all things Chav, decorated in Burberry and which may attract far more visitors to the town than any attempt to celebrate fine art at the reluctant taxpayers' expense. You know what? She's quite right."
    So now we know why he's not that interested in publicising its opening

  21. Nice of Comrade Andrew to give me a first name, but I would have preferred Genghis. Incidentally, didn't I read in the local rag that the Turner have actually got one of the great man's paintings for the opening.

    With the objections and support now about to be put to this test, it will be interesting to see just what success the new gallery achieves.

  22. ONE of his paintings. That should really bring all the art lovers to Margate.

  23. Peter, why is it that when a twittish remark is due you always seem to oblige. The gallery will not display just the Turner, but then we cannot expect you to realise that unless it is spelt out clearly in words of one syllable. Who knows, they might even have the odd nude study.

  24. Dear old Bluenote. Assumes that because we don't all share his fascist views that we must all be Communists. One-Nation Conservative fits me quite nicely thank you Genghis

  25. Just realised that, of course, Bluenote wouldn't have any truck with One-Nation Conservatism. It was invented by Disraeli

  26. Andrew, by what right do you label those who disagree with you. On a previous thread you called me homophobic and then failed to apologise when I refuted that. Now by implication I am anti-semitic.

    You claim one nation conservative as being descriptive of your stance yet constantly dismiss Simon Moores and support a left leaning view. You lost me somewhere along the way or are you just provative for fun.

  27. My point is that whether a Turner is included or not won't make the slightest bit of difference to how many people come to Margate.

    However, if they held a Naked in Thanet exhibition it would change Margate forever.

  28. Glad to see I've rattled the necessary cage. Simon Moores is as much One Nation as you are.

  29. Still no apology, Andrew, so in your book I am tried and convicted as homophobic and anti-semitic without opportunity to defend myself. Whatever else you may think you are, you are not a gentleman.

    By the way, what exactly is 'One Nation' conservatism?