Thursday, 14 April 2011

“Margate Industrial Estate?”

Jumbo jets landing every half hour, 24 hours per day, spewing out 600 passengers per hour (divide 6 million by the hours in a year) driven in a dozen coaches continually circulating the airport and mingling with commuter traffic to get to Parkway station car park, where the “ Manston Express” leaves every 20 minutes to cope with peak demand.

Juggernauts thundering along the Thanet Way, to and from an ever expanding China Gateway, marching across open fields, towards a creeping Westwood Cross, until it finally meets up in a continuous urban sprawl across the whole of Southern Thanet.

Is THIS the price we want to pay for getting Thanet back to work?

Or is there a better way? -  An integrated transport and tourism plan. (ITTP)
ITTP can combine moderate development with a revitalised tourism scheme for the WHOLE of Thanet. This will attract new residents, with greater disposable income, to take up family houses, created by planning policies DM1 and DM2, benefiting from the new proximity of Thanet to London using HS1. The Turner Centre will be a focus for a renaissance in Thanet tourism, visiting the scenic delights of the whole island from Minnis Bay to CliffsEnd.

Yes, you can say it is scaremongering!  Yes, you can say it will never happen!

But unless we get the document “Shaping our Future” amended, it is written into all our futures by 2026.


  1. Think I read an almost identical plan for Thanet's transport and tourism development on a Laura Sandys press release a while back.

  2. All I can say is "great minds think alike".

    If this is indeed similar to a plan put forward by Laura Sandys MP, then I have not seen it, but I would comment that Conservative local policy is out of step with the South Thanet MP's view.

    Personally I would support Laura's way.

  3. Now there you have it, Ken, Laura Sandys has done much good in her short term as our MP so far and has brought a breath of fresh air to Thanet thinking. She is also influencing Conservative local policy for the better.

  4. Ken I think Thanet can do with the work and I also think your figures are out by half either way if the planes are arriving empty and taking the people out they may be right but I think you will find they arrive full depart full in a perfect world. That would halve the numbers you are working to unless people are only going to arrive or depart but if they are doing both the numbers dont add up. You seem to becoming a doom monger or is it an election ploy?

  5. Being an Independent,if elected, means it is inevitable that I work with politicians from all parties. If the Conservatives have good ideas I will support them, unfortunately, apart from Laura the good ideas seem to be missing.

    For the local Conservatives to adopt Laura's ideas would be a major shift from their previously declared policies, I await their manifesto with interest.

  6. Don, my maths is sound, 6 million passengers would require at least two jumbo jets per hour whether arriving or leaving and it is 6 million passenger movements we are being offered in "Shaping our Future"

    If the planes were flying less than full or carrying freight it would increase the number of flights.

    I am no a doom monger, I am only illustrating what we are signing up for, unless changed.

    I have a responsibility to bring this to the attention of the voters in my contested Ward.

  7. Hard-working and effective local MPs like Laura Sandys are exactly the reason why the link between MP and constituency must not be broken.

  8. Whilst on the subject of planning for the future. We are told that Vattenfells are basing their operation in Ramsgate. Well we'd better hurry up and make sure that the port is suitable for their ships - one of their supply craft was in Dover last week taking on stores and fuel. Why? Because Ramsgate has become too shallow.

  9. Thanks, Andrew I will pass that on to contacts more involved in the port than I am.

  10. Thanks Ken. I got the information from the duty Harbourmaster at Dover so I think it's pukka

  11. Ken two an hour is slightly less than your chosen firures in an earlier post Assuming an average of 100 passengers per plane it would take 60,000 planes to shift that number of passengers. If the airport was working 365 days in the year it would equal 164 planes per day, 14 planes per hour on a 12 hour day or 7 planes per hour on a 24 hour basis. This does not include any allowance for planes carrying freight.
    I am in the Mark Twain camp when it comes to statistics Lies, damned lies, and statistics
    all I will say Ken is I understand you want to serve but is anything you actually like in the plan you ment that some thing a GOOD maybe you could tell us how you would help implement this issues rather than implying everything before you was bad but with you the future is good

  12. sorry last paragraph read actually like in the plan you ment that some thing a GOOD

    Ishould have said actually like in the plan, you mention that some things are GOOD

    Sorry I sould have read before posting.

  13. Sorry, but I can't see where the problem with the maths comes in. Infratil have said that they expect to reach 6 million passenger movements per year. That, as far as I understand it, means six million people either taking off or landing. There are 8760 hours in a year. 6 million divided by 8760 equals 684.93, say 685. So, assuming 24 hour a day working and that roughly the same number take off as land, that means that 342 people will be landing and 343 people taking off every hour of the year. Seven bus loads (or five if you use double deckers) every hour, day and night. I leave others to work out how many aircraft (all full of course) that number means.