Thursday 20 February 2014

Beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

“Is your glass half full or is your glass half empty?”, a common way of expressing how one views life,or in this case the Pleasurama site in Ramsgate. Not before time has a useless bunch of chancers been given the boot from this prime seafront location.

So do we see it as a disaster or an opportunity? Those on the disaster front see the problems of flood plains, sea defence and crumbling cliffs as insurmountable problems to development and want the clock turned back to provide a flat sea front car park or a new amusement site for holidaymakers hopefully returning from sunnier climes.

Personally, I see this as an opportunity, properly managed and re-designed to overcome the problems which have emerged since its planning approval in 2003. The Pleasurama development in a modified form could be a shot in the arm for Ramsgate’s economy. 80 to 90 well-heeled families owning or renting seafront flats would provide a much needed boost to the town’s economy. Tidying up the seafront eyesore would also change the whole perception of Ramsgate’s main beach, added to that the high speed train can whisk Londoners here for the weekend, Rank may find a suitably well-heeled occupier for the Royal Victoria Pavilion and the Ramsgate Tunnels provide a visitor attraction. Bingo, suddenly people have a reason to visit Ramsgate once more. What can possibly go wrong?


  1. Whole heartedly agree with you on your view. The AJ Brown plan included a 'Tides' type swimming pool and arts space in their plan - coupled with boutique shops and homes above could e a real draw for the town. 'Ramsgate Strip' could become an attraction in my mind. Lets just hope we get a developer who actually intends to develop!

  2. Will have to employ a Purer (Victorian term for dog shit picker-upper) first; then open up Manston Airport; then get rid of the drunks and druggies; ban women (and men !) over 9 stone with tattoos; get rid of the Mayor; get rid of TDC and replace it with moneylaunderers ?
    BINGO - You have got Ramsgate back _ Now where is Margate