Thursday, 28 February 2013

A “hole” load of potential.

Ramsgate Tunnels have now reached another phase in their objective to open for the public. A successful completion of feasibility studies to ascertain if there were any insurmountable problems to opening has confirmed that subject to a suitable cleanup there is nothing to prevent the tunnels from becoming a heritage asset for the town

There are two aspects of the tunnels, the older and larger railway tunnel dating back to the 19th Century and the smaller but more extensive Air Raid Protection tunnels which were constructed in 1939 as a precaution against the imminent outbreak of the Second World War.. Having been closed for over forty years these tunnels provide a fascination to many who wish to explore the subterranean environment. Rather than having illegal break-ins to explore the tunnels, it is proposed that the tunnels should become a tourist attraction for Ramsgate and safety conscious guided tours arranged for visitors who can experience the exploration of this forgotten world. An excellent new blog, RAMSGATE TUNNELS gives an insight into the world under our feet and explains where the project goes from here.

There are already over 1000 “Friends of Ramsgate Tunnels” all supporting the project’s future, and an enthusiastic committee are planning ever more exciting outcomes for this project , visit the BLOG and add your support.


  1. Yet Simon Moores for reasons known only to himself seems to be doing his best to prevent progress on both Margate & Ramsgate caves.

  2. You are right there Peter, too much flying in foggy weather , he can't see the wood for the trees

  3. As a point of interest, has anyone ever contacted those running Chislehurst caves in South London?

    They have a website here and whilst i realise it is a different type of attraction, there are interesting paralells, and I would think it worthwhile comparing the businesses and similarities could be capitalised on.

    For instance, I know they used to run a nightclub in the caves, and hired it out for parties etc. I would think there are a lot of benefits for such businesses, noise containment being one of the greatest.

    Surely worth a little contact...

  4. Contact has already been made and information gleaned for the future project.

  5. As a Thanet ratepayer I object to even one penny being spent on those dank tunnels, lets have reduced rates instead!

  6. As a Thanet ratepayer you are already spending more than one penny on the expenses of keeping them CLOSED.

  7. Excellent Readit, Chislehurst caves have been run successfuly for as long as I can remember, certainly since I went there 1st as a small child!

    Hope the contact helped, and a success is finally made of this long lost asset.