Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Austal 270 – WOW.

                                                   AUSTAL 270 (click here)
I have to admit to being very disappointed by the many failed starts of Euroferries, as I travel to France regularly and my preferred route would be high speed from Ramsgate to Boulogne-sur-mer.  I have to give EF full marks for trying to get this service up and running, their main problem appears to be obtaining a suitable craft for the service.

Their latest offering is the Austal 270, a state of the art Trimaran built by the Australian company Austal whose factory is in Henderson near Perth, Austrailia, where the said ship can be found on Marinetraffic.com. The company confirm a four year lease agreement on the vessel to EF, so we all await its arrival with bated breath.

I for one will be using the service, if or when it arrives next year. That will show real progress in Ramsgate Port

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