Sunday, 6 February 2011

ROLL up! ROLL up! For the greatest bout of the century.

THANET PROMOTIONS proudly present the contest you have all been waiting for on this sunny southern Isle. Two nationally acclaimed giants of the leisure scene come head to head for an epic battle of the Titans.

In the azure blue corner with white yachts bobbing is the reigning Champion a favourite with Kings for centuries and holding the royal crown to boot. Their success through the ages has been acknowledged by famous celebrities from all over the world and continues to draw the crowds on hot sunny days with spectacular aqua events unrivalled in the country, the world and the universe
Iiii giiiive yoooou THE Royal Harbour. Ramsgate

In the sunset red and stormy sea corner , The young contender backed by multi-millionaire investors and bringing a whole new art to the game, Nimble on their feet and with a very modern outlook hoping to attract a whole new range of spectators to the sport. Precariously perched and untried but showing every sign of promise.
Iiii giiiive yoooou THE Turner Contemporary, Margate.

12 rounds, 30 or so days in each round, we need a good clean fight with no underhand tactics, before a re-match next year when both contenders will be older and wiser. Referees for the event will be the residents of Thanet, hoping to spot an advantage in one area or another, they can build on for future success

This is Chalky Walker handing you back to the main studio with the words:
 “For Thanet’s sake – let’s hope they are both winners.”

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